Childrens Parties

The most exciting parties around!!

Do you want the perfect entertainment for your child’s party?

 Experienced Entertainer

Pro Disco’s and Entertainment has great experience providing exciting parties for children. A party lasts up to 2 hours with a constant flow of high energy fun, interactive games and dancing.

Every party Includes a pass the parcel, sweets and prizes.

 Break Time

Around an hour into the party we take a 30 minute break for food and to sing happy birthday before we start up the fun again for a final 30 minutes of exciting games.

 Fun For Everyone!

Every party is full of high energy, interactive fun! But not just for the children, the party has been pieced together in a way that will be entertaining and inclusive for everyone, even for the adults in attendance

 Confetti Fun!

Add on the perfect finale with a messy, but extremely fun confetti launch to bring the party to a perfect end!

Please note that these parties are designed for groups of up to 30 children aged from 4 to 8 years old

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